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Geothermal Copper Heat Exchanger


River -Lake - Pond

The WSHP geothermal copper heat exchanger placed in a river, lake, or pond is a cost effective way to utilize the waters changing temperature to have one of the highest energy saving heating & air conditioning systems. Saves time, money and labor without sinking coils of pipe. Several systems may run on 1 Exchanger.

Copper Heat Exchangers come in several sizes. Designed and built for each application. Many factors are considered when any Geothermal System is designed.


There is a rule of thumb, but there are a lot of factors, geographic location, earth soil, frost line, water depth, and yearly temperatures. Designing systems for over 15 years we have discovered there is not any KIT to buy that will be the most effective energy saver. A kit should be designed for the location.


This is just one application to consider when you have hybrid resources .

A swimming pool can also be considered.  Swimming Pool Applications

If you have a river, lake, or pond you can combine these three components for a geothermal system,


1 - Geothermal Heat pump

1 - All-in-0ne Pump system

1 - Copper Heat Exchanger

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5 Ton Exchanger / 1.5 to 3 ton systems / 20 gallons PM / 2 psi Drop / 100 ft  4-5 psi


12 Ton Exchanger / 3.5 to 8 ton systems / 30 gallons PM / 2 psi Drop / 100 ft 9  psi


20 Ton Exchanger / 10 - 20 ton systems / 60 gallons PM / 2 psi Drop / 100 ft 6-9 psi